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Organic Mobile Spa & Shop, Wellbeing, Massage Services: Holistic Therapies & Treatments, Corporate Massage, Pamper Parties, Clinics, Home Visits, In-Room Hotel Treatments. Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Cornwall UK. Neal's Yard Remedies Senior Consultant
Organic Mobile Spa & Shop, Wellbeing, Massage Services: Holistic Therapies & Treatments, Corporate Massage, Pamper Parties, Clinics, Home Visits, In-Room Hotel Treatments. Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Cornwall UK. Neal's Yard Remedies Senior Consultant




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Let's welcome some wellbeing time today and enjoy massage, facials, reflexology and aromatherapy, naturally..

Keep well and safe and gain inner str
ength especially during these times, with ethical, health conscious, natural, organic remedies and therapies.

natural remedies

Did you know Sue Evans is your local Neal's Yard Remedies Senior Consultant for all your NYR Organic remedy and therapy needs. 

Check out her organic and natural beauty shopping page:

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Wellbeing Time
Maybe you need a stress-relieving massage? Or some virus protecting and defending aromatherapy oil blends.  A reflexology and facial treatment with an invigorating Indian head massage could be what you need to bring back your balance, happiness and motivation, any day of the week.

Treat youself, friends, family and loved ones to a luxury holistic therapy while they stay at home or when they visit a hotel or mini break destination.

Escape to a treatment retreat or beautiful therapy room in Streatley and Cornwall.

Enhance your corporate events with a wellbeing perk to reward and benefit you, your clients, customers and colleagues.

Sue Evans is your local, experienced Holistic Therapist serving Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Cornwall, UK.  Speak to Sue about one-to-one bookings or hiring therapist teams for pamper parties and wellbeing days.

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The perfect present gives that holiday feeling, all year round, with a choice of superior wellbeing and medicinal treatments to show you care.

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The Complete Treatment Menu Collection:
Discover renewed wellbeing in Wallingford, Goring-on-Thames, Oxford and surrounding Oxfordshire and Berkshire towns and villages and throughout the UK. And also Cornwall.  

Here are some of the holistic treatments and therapies available which may be combined:

Acupressure, Shiatsu, Trigger Therapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage

Calm Birth Workshops and Pregnancy Yoga (currently on Skype & Zoom)

Deep Tissue Massage

Ear Candling

Facial Rejuvenation (Face yoga and deep tissue natural face lift massage)

Full Body Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Indian Head Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Luxury Manicures and Pedicures

Massage Chair Treatments (often over clothes)

Neal's Yard Remedies Facials

Pregnancy and Postnatal Treatments 

Reiki Treatments and Attunements


Some Sports Massage Techniques

Swedish Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Thai Table Massage (like Thai Yoga Massage but on a massage table)

Combine any of the above.

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Wellbeing Ideas:
Sue Evans often combines a range of natural health therapies and practises which are of the highest quality standard, including therapeutic, remedial and advanced massage techniques, drawn from round the world disciplines, tailored to your needs on the day.  

Choose a full body massage or ask Sue to concentrate on areas of concern like back, neck and shoulders or legs and arms.  Or treat the body through the feet and face with specialist reflexology techniques.  Add essential oils for additional aromatherapy healing.

In between your work you may prefer a massage over clothes with Sue's ergonomic massage chair. 

A massage table wellbeing session can involve no oil or organic nutrient enriched oil and even additional healing aromatherapy essential oils can be added so you feel the benefits days after.  Aromatherapy is particularly beneficial for improving mood and balancing emotions and certain organic essential oils assist physical healing.  For example some are warming and calming or clearing blends.  Frankincense is proven to help the skin age well.  Lemongrasss is good for pain and arthritis.  After the treatment, please leave the oils on as long as possible so they can absorb fully into the blood stream. Aromatherapy can be used in all treatments and you can discuss your requirements in advance or on the day.

Sue draws on massage styles from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Indian and Chinese and Japanese disciplines.  Why not try a Thai Foot Massage with some Thai table stretches - a form of Thai Yoga Massage.  Or how about an Indian head massage with some acupressure points and shiatsu moves when you next book a treatment.

A hot stone massage is said to be 10 times more effective than a regular massage and probably one of the most relaxing treatments you will ever have using stones from the Arizona desert.  These stones are placed on and beneath the body and massaged with oil from feet to face and you also hold them in your hands to recieve their energy powers. 

Sue has a lot of sport fans as clients and so she applies various sport massage techniques like acupressure, trigger therapy, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage.  Clients have included the Olympic women's hockey team, triathletes, cyclists and marathon runners and Sue has massaged at the Reading half marathon.  She has also helped London marathon runners to achieve their personal best.

Sue has had extensive facial training including Elemis, Green peple, Dr Haushker, Voya, and she currently loves the natural and organic Neal's Yard Remedies products. You can continue the wellbeing by purchasing the products used in your massage and facial - shop around for organic, natural products at this: 

Rejuvenate your face, neck, head, shoulders, arms with an award-winning, natural and organic facial using Neal's Yard Remedies products. Not your average facial as the active ingredients feed and illuminate your skin.  The Facial Rejuvenation treatment firms and drains away puffiness. Reflex areas are stimulated to pump the lymphatic system, improve major organ function, and the whole experience encourages the clearance of toxins to leave you looking radiant and lifted.  Remember you can buy all products used from this: EXCLUSIVE SHOP

Immerse yourself in a meditative state and enjoy the most non-invasive, subtle,
yet powerful treatment around, fully clothed: Reiki.  You can combine Reiki with other treatments as it really helps to release and relax muscle tension.  It adds clarity to a busy mind.  Or why not ask Sue to attune you so you can heal yourself.

Clear your head, ears, sinuses and face of  blockages with a deeply relaxing ear candling treatment, which also includes an aromatherapy drainage massage and Reiki channelling to enhance releasing and relaxing from the chest and shoulders up.

Reflexology works reflex points of major organs and glands to bring back a sense of balance in the mind and body.  It is a clearing treatment.  Sue can treat your face, feet and hands.  There's so many nerve endings on the feet and face and it can be a very relaxing treatment which also gives you an energy boost.  It's nice to combine a Thai foot massage too for extra stimulating effects.

Women who want to conceive often visit Sue for a reflexology treatment and continue to visit Sue throughout all trimesters, if over due and post-birth.  Pregnancy massage is popular and Sue can also combine massage with aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu, acupressure, lymphatic drainage and breathing, movement, relaxation, pregnancy yoga, one to one's and birth tips.  Do you want a class with your NTC mum friends? There are options for couples workshops from 37weeks which include birth partner massage and birth holding positions and how to be calm and active through every stage of labour.

And this isn't just for you.  Lets invite friends and have a proper pamper party at your home or holiday let.  Remember you can buy all products used from this:

Pamper parties in your home or venue are really popular if you want to get together with friends and celebrate baby showers, hen parties and birthdays.  A professional pamper party will really enhance hour special weekend away.  If you want some venue ideas please do get in touch. 

To book please call/text Sue or

Wellbeing at Hotels
Now treating at a luxury hotel near you so you dont have to leave your hotel room! You can book in-room therapies such as massage, facals, reflexology and aromatherapy at The Swan at Streatley and The Great House at Sonning, or why not enjoy at Le Manoir, the old Bank Hotel, The Old Parsonage, The Randolf, Malmaison or where's yours?  And you can buy the products afterwards.

Upon arrival, settle in to your room with a luxury treatment to centre you at the start of your stay.

Use your room as a quiet escape with treatment menus designed for your own chill out space. 

No need to leave the comforts of your room with a spa-style treatment overlooking beautiful surroundings.

Stay another night with a beauty sleep treat.

Take advantage of a late check-out and enjoy a good morning treatment of your 

Hotel treatment menu sample:

Organic Defend & Protect Aromatherapy Massage
30mins 49.00
60mins 69.00

A stay safe aromatherapy blended oil massage of hands, arms, legs and feet to keep any viruses at bay and boost your immune system. Leave the oils on so they absorb into your bloodstream and you feel the benefits days after. The extra special hand treatment leaves sink nourished and silky smooth when we have to apply a lot of harsh hand sanitiser and wash hands frequently and the beautiful scented hand defence spray is some welcomed and uplifting protection.

Indian Head Massage 
30mins 49.00

Either seated over clothes including back, neck, shoulder, hand arms and hands. An invigorating and stimulating massage including releasing pressure points. Enjoy an Indian hair treatment to enliven the senses further. For a more relaxing experience you can enjoy a half hour lying down experience with oils and extended to neck and shoulders and face.

Thai Foot Massage 
30mins 49.00

60mins 69.00

A stimulating foot and leg massage ritual with invigorating oils. A combination of lymphatic massage, stretches and pressure points massage to enliven the body systems and enable you to feel light on your feet.

30mins 49.00

60mins 69.00

A service and MOT for your feet and body. Releasing and relaxing and clearing of blockages. Working major organs it can be relaxing or energising for the mind and whole body. Ask Sue to include a relaxing foot soak and scrub of your feet crave indulgence.

30mins 49.00

60mins 69.00

Choose organic and natural and ethical Neal’s Yard Remedies beauty products for a glowing facial suitable for all skin types. Includes exfoliation and massage using jade and rose quartz crystals and Gui Sha massage tools to drain and smooth away puffiness  An ideal radiance booster before you go out. And makeup not needed after the treatment. Beauty sleep bedtime facials recommended. Age well with a non-surgical face lift giving an intense wellbeing enhancement. Enriching facial oils include rose, orange or frankincense and there is always a lot of face massage techniques to improve contours and energy levels. A men’s range version also possible. Aromatherapy offers additional healing benefits. Feed your face with superfood ingredients so you stay you stay younger and healthier.

Fabulous Feet and Face 
60mins 69.00

The ultimate pampering experience, renewing your wellbeing though scents and touch.

30mins 49.00

You may also combine this balancing treatment with another therapy. Reiki helps you achieve a meditative state and when your body reaches relaxing it can heal itself. Let Sue channel positive energy through your higher self to where your body needs it. Deeply relaxing as it encourages deep breathing. Also energising.

Pregnancy and Birth
30mins 49.00

60mins 69.00

Choose a range of treatments to compliment your changing body and prepare for calm birth, including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head madsage and facials.

Couples treatments available.

Aftercare product ranges also available to buy reminding you of the time you felt relaxed at The Swan including travel pack daily face routines, bath, shower and hair products and exclusive face and body product deals only for hotel guests. 

Check out this  organic and natural beauty shopping page:

To book please call/text Sue or

Mobile Wellbeing:

Sue Evans is a full time, fully qualified and insured Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master and Maternity Mentor who can treat on a one to one basis or group dynamic while you're on holiday or at home, in your hotel, airbnb, at your home office, event and pamper party.  It's a mobile spa and holistic health service with a range of treatments and holistic therapies to suit all ages and ailments. Choose for example a massage, aromatherapy, reflexology or facial.

Only the best natural, organic and ethically sourced products are used and treatments are adapted per person so all can feel pampered. 

Why not have a Neal's Yard Remedies pamper party online?

Massage works well in the workplace as part of a wellbeing awareness day, health initiative or corporate event and also at trade shows.

Sue also works with vunerable groups, for eample for the Community Massage London organisation, offering unwind time to those who have been through trauma or who have physical and emotional health concerns and disabilities.

Only carefully selected high-end, very high quality and strong professional portable massage furniture is provided to maximise client comfort and support and to ensure a great massage experience as if checking into the best luxury hotel.  Made with the best super soft skin touch upholstery, fully adjustable and ergonomically designed so clients can rest with ease.

This mobile wellbeing service currently travels to these postcodes: OX1; OX2; OX3; OX4; OX5; OX6; OX7; OX8; OX9; OX10; OX11; OX12; OX13; OX14; or RG1; RG2; RG3; RG4; RG5; RG6; RG7; RG8 or RG9 and Cornwall.

Here are just some of the Oxfordshire and Berkshire towns, villages and suburbs currently being served: Abingdon, Aldworth, Appleford, Ashampstead, Ashampton, Aston Tirrold, Banbury, Benson, Bicester, Binfield Heath, Blewbury, Botley, Bradfield, Brightwell cum Sotwell, Calcot, Caversham, Caversham Heights, Chalgrove, Checkendon, Chiltern, Cholsey, Compton, Crowmarsh Gifford, Cumnor, Didcot, Dorchester, Dorchester-on-Thames, Drayton, East Hagbourne, East Hendred, Emmer Green, Englefield, Eynsham, Goring Heath, Goring-on-Thames, Grandpont, Great Milton, Grove, Harwell, Headington, Henley-on-Thames, Hungerford, Ipsden, Kennington, Kidlington, Kidmore End, Little Stoke, Long Wittenham, Mapledurham, Milford, Milton Hill, Moulsford, Nettlebed, Newbury, North Moreton, North Stoke, Oxford, Pangbourne, Peppard Common, Preston Crowmarsh, Reading, Rotherfield Peppard, Sonning Common, South Moreton, South Stoke, Steventon, Stoke Row, Streatley, Sutton Courtenay, Thatcham, Tilehurst, Twyford, Upton, Wallingford, Wantage, Warborough, West Challow, West Hagbourne, Watlington, Wheatley, Whitchurch, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Wytham, Woodcote, Woodstock, Yarnton, Yattendon and surrounding areas. And now Cornwall.  Contact Sue if you are based nearby.

To book please call/text Sue or

Wellbeing at Clinics:
Sue treats in the beautiful therapy rooms at the Swan at Streatley and you can book by calling the Bodyset Client Care Team on 0330 333 0435 or by following this link 

Indulge in award-winning natural and organic facials or let Sue Evans treat you to a massage, (deep tissue, Swedish, Indian head, Thai, lymphatic drainage, hot stones. aromatherapy), pregnancy treatments and calm birth tips, ear candling, reiki and reflexology). 

Sue Evans offers the Frankincence Intense Lifting Facial Rejuvenation 90mins treatment which includes a foot soak, foot scrub, beautifyling tea, aromatherapy essential oil diffuser de-stress experience, foot massage, face cleanse, 30mins deep tissue face lift massage without oil and 30mins with the Frankincense facial oil. 

The treatment rooms are warm and well-ventilated. On Thursdays couples massage is available at the same time.  Therapists use full PPE and operate enhanced hygiene practises and client screening.  Just next door to the treatment room is a gym and sauna. The location is pictoresque besides the River Thames.  Spend time relaxing in the grounds or why not enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner onsite. Or if you are staying in the hotel then treatments can be arranged in your room.  Call Sue on 077 994 11 994 for more details.  Check out the Swan at Streatley here: 
The Swan at Streatley | Country House Hotel Berkshire

To book yourself please call/text Sue or EMAIL

Wellbeing from Birth:
Prepare for a calm pregnancy and birth with holistic therapies, classes and workshops.  Let's do this on Skype and Zoom or at The Swan at Streatley or even at your home - your potential birth place!

Some treatments, such as reflexology and acupressure help people to conceive by clearing blockages and invaluable follow-on maternity treatments throughout all trimesters give each mum-to-be confidence and tools they can instinctively use for an actively calm birth day. 

Each week relax with pregnancy massage, aromatherapy, shiatsu and acupressure.  Practise breathwork, calming techniques, meditation, yoga moves and positive affirmations.  Feel relaxed about the here, now and future.  Learn basic birth breaths and how to move during birth and pregnancy as your body changes and makes space for baby to grow into the optimum foetal position.  Learn meditation technqiues so you can disappear to your happy place, learn how to zone out and zone in to your body.

Learn step by step birth tip lessons in an hour and even bring along your birth partner for a two hour couples workshop to practise birth holds, partner massage, breath work, moves to assist gravity, beautiful birth meditating and bonding.  

And if you're overdue, try some natural induction techniques. Sue can teach you a few and also apply perpendicular pressure to them during her treatments.

Learn baby yoga massage and post birth exercises and make time for some pamper time and post-birth holistic therapy. 

Did you know the essential oil Clary Sage is good for strengthening the contractiopns? You can buy it here

To book please call/text Sue or

Wellbeing from The Pamper Camper Van

Zesty is the 1991 retro Pamper Camper Van!  Available for staycation hire and also holistic therapies.  You will find her at pop-up wellbeing spaces around the UK, usually with a view - of the sea or spectaculr countryside.  Or it may be perfectly positioned in a healing field at a festival.  What could be more relaxing than to look out to a healing sunset view while enjoying reflexology, facials and indian head massage.

To book please call/text Sue or

Wellbeing in Cornwall

A fantastic, spacious 3 storey self catering holiday let in Cornwall is available to sleep up to 4 with log stove, minutes from the sea.  Combine with a home spa so you can enjoy therapuetic treatments at your home from home.  A perfect romantic, quiet getaway with award-winning restaurants on your doorstep and epic coastal walks and activities including boat trips, kayaking, paddle boarding, electric bike cycling, swimming and more!  Hen do pamper parties can sleep 8 if you don't mind sharing beds incluing one sofa bed and a lofa sofa and a corner sofa.

To book please call/text Sue or EMAIL

Heal Yourself and Others:

Reiki Attunements allow you to heal yourself and others using the universal life force energy around us, as experienced in yoga and Tai Chi. You can book a day of Reiki Level 1 and 2 Attunements in a pleasant Cornwall setting. Accommodation also available. The day course includes a Reiki healing treatment and understanding of how to self heal and heal others in your company or through distant healing. Manuals and certificates and lunch included.

To book please call/text Sue or EMAIL

Private Wellbeing and Care Work:

Having completed the Care Certificate and worked a full year in the care industry during lockdown, for agencies, NHS and extra care homes, Sue is now available to visit your loved ones at their home and assist with home help chores like shopping, cleaning, washing, getting up, washing, dressing, preparing of fresh and healthy meals, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, bedtime and companionship and days out.  Sue really is the ultimate carer who cares and can offer four visits a day if you aren't able to for 150.00. Sue adheres to the 15 standards as outlined in the Care Certificate and gives quality of life, laughs and holistic wellbeing for the whole body and encourages a happy mind, combining the individual interests of the person who needs assistance.  Trust Sue to deliver outstanding service with her enhanced DBS checks and extensive experience. Areas served include Goring-on-Thames, Hungerdord and West Cornwall areas

To book please call/text Sue or

About Sue: 

Sue Evans trained in holistic therapies in 2007 and has reached critical acclaim through her recognised industry standard VTCT level 3 training and through ongoing, continual professional development courses with Neal's Yard Remedies, Origins, Aromatherapy Associates, Well Mother, Estee Lauder, Soul Energy, Walk-in Back Rub, Ayurvedic Retreat Centre, Elemis, Dr Hauschka and The Beauty Academy. Sue has completed FEDANT approved antenatal teacher training and has run 4x weekly pregnancy yoga style classes around Oxfordshire and has inspired over 1,500 mums how to have a calm pregnancy and beautiful birth, with her extensive range of birth tips and holistic maternity therapies, suitable throughout all trimesters and post birth. Sue co-ordinates the Feel Good Area at Beacon Festival and has had her own healing space at many festivals including Glastonbury.  Sue's clients range from babies to the elderly. If you want the "wow" factor at pamper parties or would like to make your hotel stay extra special with an in-room treatment, then book Sue, who has even offered luxury treatments at Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir and The Swan at Streatley. Sue has been a Neal's Yard Remedies Practitioner and Senior Consultant for over a 15 years, and she was a successful fully booked therapist at the Neal's Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms in Oxford for 13 years.  Sue is a senior therapist in the very exclusive luxury spas found in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Cornwall.  Sue can recreate a home spa well-feeling with her own wellbeing business.  Sue also has community work rejuvenating vunerable adults. People visit Sue to feel balanced again from emotional and physical strains or some just want to feel more happily in tune and are in need of some quality relaxation time. Sue instinctively knows what you need and her unique combination of therapies and relaxing techniques are intentionally balancing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Sue provides space to help you to heal yourself and let your body and mind function properly. All treatments take place in a relaxed and supportive environment for the sole purpose of your wellbeing.  Sue has also studied 33 online courses in the Care Industry and has clean DBS extended checks.

To book please call/text Sue or

How would you like to look and feel today? Relaxed? Calm? Stress-free? Alert? Energised? Radiant? Younger? Well?

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Please check out these Testimonial, References & Reviews:

I booked Sue for a pamper party for a family celebration weekend and we had a block of 8 treatments in our holiday house. The pampering morning went down very well and everyone commented at how much they enjoyed their foot massage or back/neck/shoulder massage! Sue was also very lovely and delivered an efficient, reliable mobile service on the day. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Sue! Lotty
Sue is a very talented masseuse who is always professional, knowledgable about the treatment and very effective. I have had tension in my back, neck and shoulders for years and Sue is always very effective at treating it and makes you feel comfortable in your own home. She uses a holistic approach which makes such a difference to just doing the physical treatment and not having the issue looked at as a whole. Emily
We've known Sue Evans for more than six years now. She comes to our house weekly, always professional and friendly. With her golden fingers she provides excellent massages that helped greatly to ease tension and relieve back pain. My tinnitus disappears!We highly recommend her. Christina
I have known and worked with Sue since 2009. I have given her many in-room treatment opportunities at 5* hotels and am looking forward to her working at a spa for me at the end of the year. Her massage techniques are of a very high standard. She is very experienced and I have no doubt in recommending her. She is a great asset. She shows commitment, a great hard work ethic, perfect customer service and team leading skills. She works well with others and is calm under pressure. She has many transferable skills. Tamara
Sue Evans is a trained professional, and I've found that her treatments have left me with an immediate and longer term sense of wellness. I've been a client of her home treatment therapies for years, and she always follows hygienic practises, washing her hands thoroughly before and after treatments, using disposable sheets on the therapy table, allowing clients to use their own towels / massage oils should they have a preference. She's very client-focussed and doesn't allow your treatments to be interrupted by calls
/ messages, as I've had with other therapists. Sue is organised, punctual and reliable, and always confirms appointments in advance. Kristina.
I have seen Sue a number of times for a massage and some reflexology. I have been impressed by her level of professionalism and her massages have been wonderful. I can’t recommend her enough. Danusia.
I have no hesitation in giving you a very positive reference. You are an excellent therapist and over the period in which I have used your massage services  have found that you have improved my health quite substantially, particularly with the work you have routinely done on my neck and spine. I will miss your treatment and look forward to the time when I can resume our monthly sessions. David.
Sue is an excellent masseur. She has helped four members of my family in the past year. Sue is a calm, kind and empathetic practitioner who takes a hollistic approach to treatment. She is reliable and talented and I would recommend her to anyone. Annabel.
I have been visiting Sue regularly at The Wallingford Therapy Clinic and, more recently, at The Body Training Studio Gym in Wallingford, since 2010, where she has treated me for my long-term sports injuries (back and shoulder). Sue is a first class masseuse and a highly skilled and knowledgeble practioner. She has also taught me breathing and relaxation techniques, and I always leave her treatments feeling pain free, more supple and, importantly, less tense. Sue is friendly and very professional and has a relaxed style, which creates a peaceful atmosphere in which to receive treatment. I appreciate Sue’s approach, trust her and feel comfortable on every visit. Her massage techniques are advanced and I can feel the benefit for days after, and they really help me live a normal functioning life. I can highly recommend Sue as she has a lot of experience. I am a valued customer. Jay Axton 
Sue has worked for The Pamper Company since 2008 individually and as a team. She is hard working and punctual. She is able to give different types of treatments at pamper parties from manicures and pedicures to deep tissue massages, facials and reflexology. She is also selected to work at our corporate office massage assignments. She has helped us to find a team of therapists and is also self sufficient should we just need one. Danine.
I am Carys Pratten, Store and Therapy Rooms Manager for Neals Yard Remedies Westgate Oxford Store. Sue Evans is a self-employed therapist currently working from our therapy rooms. She has worked with the company since 2008 and has worked along-side myself for the past since 2019. Sue is a highly qualified and knowledagble individual that offers a wide variety of treatments to her clients. She is a confident and enthusiatsic therapist and a joy to work with. She is friendly but also professional and has a good working relationship with our other therapists and staff. Feedback from clients is always positive and she often get's clients returning for repeat treatments. In summary, I would recommend Sue Evans’ service. Carys
I am delighted to supply a reference for Sue Evans.   I've known Sue since 2015 when I joined the Satellite Applications Catapult.  Over the last 5 years Sue has delivered countless amazing treatments at the Catapult as part of our Well Being Programme to so many of our staff.  Furthermore I have recommended Sue to family and friends who have organised home visits.   Sue is an incredible professional, whose calm personality, adaptability and care ensure we can leave our day to day troubles behind us and feel refreshed. Sue really cares about people and it's the highlight of the month when Sue visits - she is in high demand! I would recommend Sue to any company who are lucky enough to be able to have her visit.  Alastair.
We have been privileged enough to have Sue as our therapy coordinator for 5years at Beacon Festival. Sue has been dedicated & undergone no small feat of finding, negotiating & managing self employed therapists. Sue has demonstrated a great passion for her work, tailoring to the requirements of he festival and yet reinventing the area each year, growing it's popularity through marketing and innovation. I find Sue a pleasure to work with, she is proactive, efficient and responsive to the flexible nature of the event industry. Sue takes wonderful care of the therapists and customers she manages and nurtures. 
We are very grateful for her help with marketing, fundraising and coordinating. Her communication skills are wonderful. 
I have no doubt Sue will be a great asset to your team as she proven to be for ours. Lindsay.



Organic Mobile Spa & Shop, Wellbeing, Massage Services: Holistic Therapies & Treatments, Corporate Massage, Pamper Parties, Clinics, Home Visits, In-Room Hotel Treatments. Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Cornwall UK. Neal's Yard Remedies Senior Consultant